Our Process

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Architect Drawing Review

I review the architect’s drawings and details provided for the project and provide a quote.  If there are any structural complexities obvious with the proposed design which is evident from the drawings at this stage, or anything that may be difficult to achieve/may produce challenges, then I will highlight them when I issue the quote.


Site Visit

I visit the property and survey the existing building in relation to the proposed alterations and extensions.  I look at the how the existing building is constructed and try to determine the load paths through the building and which parts of the structure are load bearing.  I also answer any questions the client may have and have a discussion with the client regarding the structural design and what may be needed and any run through some options for the design (if relevant).  I always try and highlight ways in which savings can be made to the build/construction by simplifying the design if the architect has proposed something that may prove complicated to design structurally.



I produce the detailed structural design; this includes structural calculations, structural drawing and details.  During the detailed design great attention and importance are always given to the architectural scheme and sections.  I work closely with the architect, incorporating their details into the scheme so that the structural solutions produced are in keeping with their visions for the project whilst at the same time ensuring a practical, buildable structural solution.  Plenty of details and sections are always included alongside the plans to clearly convey the structural scheme.

This forms a package which is usually submitted to the council alongside the architect’s drawings for the building control submission.  My drawings are also issued to potential builders for costing.

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Construction Site Visits

Following the submission of my structural design package to the client, I am often required to visit the site once construction is underway to help overcome problems associated with the build.  When the existing structure is opened up, sometimes the builders discover aspects of the existing construction that weren’t visible during the initial survey.  This often changes the assumptions I have made in my design and requires me to modify the structural design or recheck the calculations.

Also, sometimes the builder wants to specify alternative materials or value engineer parts of the scheme which also require me to re-visit my structural design.  Any changes to the structural design then need to be resubmitted to the council to be checked by building control.

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